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Message of the day

Welcome to the University of Exeter Systems Biology Cluster

On these pages you will find user manuals, usage metrics and information about the cluster

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Bright Computing website

Administrator manual

User manual

Python API documentation


Cluster overview

Uptime 131 days 5 hours 15 min Memory 90.8 GiB out of 3.2 TiB total
Nodes 37 1 6 Swap 27.2 GiB out of 614.3 GiB total
Devices 15 2 7 Load 12.6% user
Cores 592 640 total 2% system
Users 0 out of 19 total 85.4% idle
Phase Load 19 ampere 0% other
Occupation Rate 16.5%

Workload overview

Queue Scheduler #Slots #Nodes #Running #Queued #Failed #Completed Avg. duration Est. delay